Houston Electricity Providers

Houston electricity providers offer many competitive energy plans with low rates. It is important to compare houston electricity rates for each provider before selecting a plan. When shopping for the best rate, use a tool that links to your power usage data to ensure that you are comparing costs based on your actual usage. This will help you find the best Houston electricity rates for your budget and lifestyle.

Houston residents enjoy a deregulated energy market with over 100 retail electricity providers competing for their business. This competition drives down prices by promoting innovative electricity plans that meet the needs of local consumers. Whether you are looking for a simple flat-rate plan or a 100% renewable electricity option, there is an option to fit your needs. Just enter your ZIP code to begin exploring Houston electricity rates, plans, and providers.

Choosing a new Houston electricity provider can be a hassle but it doesn’t have to be. The process can be simplified if you shop early. Texas law allows residents to switch electricity providers 14 days before their contract expires. This allows customers to seamlessly move to a new plan without the need for an interconnect agreement. It is recommended to shop for a new plan before your existing contract ends so you can take advantage of introductory offers and avoid any potential plan renewal upcharges.

If you are considering switching to a new Houston electricity provider, consider checking the company’s ratings and reviews online. Look for a company that has been around for at least 20 years and has an excellent track record of customer satisfaction. You may also want to look for a fixed-rate energy plan that offers price protection and stability for the duration of your contract.

The best houston electricity companies are those that provide affordable and reliable service. Amigo Energy is a top-rated Houston electricity company with a long history of satisfied customers in Texas. The company is known for its budget-friendly plans with no hidden fees and what it calls legendary customer support. Amigo also has a variety of energy efficiency options to reduce your consumption and save on your bills.

Another great Houston electricity provider is Discount Power. The company has a 4-star rating on Power to Choose and offers simple, flat-rate plans that are affordable for most households. The company also provides energy that is 20% renewable, which makes it a good choice for environmentally conscious consumers.

The city’s primary electric utility is CenterPoint Energy, which operates the power lines that distribute electricity to homes and businesses throughout the city. Consumers do not have the choice to select their TDU, but they can shop for their preferred retail electricity provider. The most popular Houston electricity companies include TXU Energy, Reliant Energy, and Direct Energy. These retailers buy power on the wholesale market and sell it to individuals. The retail electricity company then pays a fee to the TDU for delivery of power and other services.

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